The Mosquito Man is, unfortunately, not a superhuman who can subsist on only doing good, he must charge for his valuable skill. The Mosquito Man charges on a per yard basis for each application. The service cost starts at $40.00 per application for an average yard.

When you chose to use the Mosquito Man’s services he will measure your yard to ensure the proper amount of product is used to obtain high quality results. If you agree to a seasonal application package the specific application rate will be implemented on a routine basis to keep the mosquitos at bay.

The seasonal application package has the Mosquito Man returning to your home roughly every 10 days to maintain the fight against mosquito bites. The timing between applications corresponds with the time it takes for mosquitos to mature from eggs to adults.

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Referrals & Discounts

Refer a neighbor or friend to the Mosquito Man after you have signed a seasonal application with the Mosquito Man and you will receive one free application after your referral also signs a seasonal application for the service. Refer 10 friends and your entire summer mosquito control program could be free of charge.

The Mosquito Man will also spray for special events such as weddings and family reunions. The Mosquito Man provides discounts for neighbors, twin homes, associations, veterans and active duty military personnel. Please ask for details.